Rebsec innovates new tools through which we can provide you better and new technology services.

REBSEC Solutions, Established in 2012, has been advancing towards implying a new and dynamic approach in the field of Information Security Services. Since then we have served 273+ satisfied Client with an impressive list of achievements in services such as Cyber Investigation, Managed Service Solution, and many others. Our dedicated emerging technologies enable us to harness the latest technology for delivering business capability to our clients. Complete dedication and the zeal to excel also empower our software engineers to create high-quality applications and provide services more efficiently. The experts here advance knowledge in the subject, with significant inventions that make results more reliable, efficient, agile and engaging for customers.

Rebsec also provides intensive and highly professional training programs focused on providing an individual with career opportunities and growth in IT sector, as there is a huge demand for security professionals in IT companies. The training programs and courses provided by Rebsec are ISO 9001:2015 certified by international accreditation service (IAS) United States of America, thus globally accepted.  We provide special Courses like Rebsec Android Penetration Tester, Rebsec I-Phone Penetration Tester and Malware security. Besides these Courses, we also provide workshops and seminars for institutions and companies, designed to help them in becoming master in practical steps for defending their systems and networks against most dangerous threats.

Rebsec provides its Clients with specially customized Network and Information Security Solution on all levels. We have highly qualified and trained team of professionals dedicated to provide the clients with the best and highly effective solutions. We are fortuitous that our clients range more than 250 worldwide in all sectors. Our Security Solution assists you in the backend for long term support or flexible help according to customer requirement. Empowering our students with the latest knowledge, high-end professional training and Environment, and our clients with BEST SECURITY SOLUTION along with customer satisfaction is our main Goal.

How we are different from others?

    The amount charged is quite reasonable and less from others.

    The purpose of POC Concept is to verify that some concept or theory is probably capable of being useful. A proof of concept is only for the trial of customer. If the customer is satisfied with the trial then only further details are provided as service.

    If in case, a customer or a company wants security for long term then our company also provides a IT Security Professional to the company.

    Our company offers cyber security services.

    Rebsec Solutions also provides training workshops to staff members of any sectors such as govt. sectors, banking and finance sectors, education sectors, Health care sectors etc for 15 days or 1 month for future security.

    Our company has R&D Department which innovates new tools and tricks through which we can provide you more better and new technology services which will prove quite beneficial for you than any other agencies.

    The content of courses delivered by our company are different from others like Rebsec Android Penetration Tester (RAPT), Rebsec Iphone Penetration Tester and Malware analysis.